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Professional book reviews help give your self-published book an appearance of expertise and legitimacy. When respected book reviewers review your book, it tells readers that your book is worth their money and time.
When it comes to digital marketing, the reviews you are getting shows up at the top of Barnes & Noble and Amazon Page. These reviews help persuade bookstore buyers to potentially stock your book and encourage readers to give your title a chance to be read.
With BookTrail Agency, we combine professional reviews from credible names in providing critique and the power of book competition that creates a domino effect towards getting the success that you deserve

Importance of getting a professional book review:


1.) Professional book reviews are considered as the most steadfast if you aim for your book to be known. Book reviews also come from different sources like blogs, professional book reviews, vlogs, periodicals, etc.

2. ) Getting positive reviews allows readers to know that your book is worthy of their time.

3.) Instant Credibility.

4.) Possible increase in Book Sales.





Pacific Book Review’s aims in providing quality book reviews for experienced authors as well as those just starting in the world of writing. Pacific Book Review has been a topic for discussion in several media outlets.


An Automatic submission to the Annual Pacific Book Awards that builds your credibility more. Book awards increase books sales. If you want to sell more books, having an award seal on the front cover gives a book instant credibility and an advantage over other books in the same genre.


US Review of Books their professional reviewers provides each book a fair and equal consideration, to help author's visibility. Your reviews will be placed to 8,825 US Review of Books subscribers, and thousands of their social media followers and subscribers.  An automatic submission to annual the Eric Hoffer Award for Books is also given.  


The Eric Hoffer Award is an annual book competition thart is judged by a separate panel, following procedures and guidelines of Eric Hoffer Project, and is not influenced by The US Review of Books.


Hollywood Book Review provides maximum exposure for authors to get their book noticed and shine in the spotlight. They post on ALL major book retail websites like Barnes & Noble, Authors Den, Amazon editorial page, and so much more. Additionally, we distribute your review to all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, and so much more, including 40,000 RSS feeds, JavaScript & HTML feeds.



  • Pacific Book Review provides 400-600 words carefully checked review from professional writers and critics that demonstrates expertise in the subject matter. That can be used for any other marketing agenda that you have for your books.

  • US Review of Books provides 250-300 words review that is original and written with the entire authority of the US Review masthead.

  • Hollywood Book Review assigns a seasoned reviewer that will write a professional, objective review of approximately 400 words in length.  Providing a maximum exposure for authors to get their book noticed and shine in the spotlight.

Timeframe: 7-9 weeks


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