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About The Book

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The contents of this book describe a variety of emotions, and they include poems, songs, and notes for a play. These are about people, ideas, animals, social observations, Diane's college experience, some Christian/religious thoughts and beliefs, and some of her personal experiences. Here is one of Diane's poems from inside this book:

"Cold Snow"

She placed her hand on the cold, cold snow

As if to feel the beat of her child's heart

That beat no more but lay beneath

The cold, cold snow


About the Author


About the Author


As a poet, songwriter and writer of plays, as well as being a dancer, ice skater, and performer, Diane Solomon Walter is a unique voice in her approach to writing. Diane was dux of Dulwich Hill Girls Home Science School then studied shorthand, typing, and business skills. She ice skated professionally in Australia, worked as a stenographer and secretary, also competed in amateur ballroom, Latin American, and Old Time dancing. She has traveled widely, especially since her divorce from her German husband when she lived and worked in Germany for five years and learned

their language. Recently she completed two Diplomas in Community Services and Case Management after having worked for 21 years with multi-disabled deaf and blind children and young adults. She has had poems published due to participation in public competitions, some of which are now in the Library of Congress in America. Diane is a dedicated Christian whose ministries have included teaching English as a second language, a Postal Sunday School, and teaching Scripture at church and in local public schools. She attends Oakhurst Anglican Church where for many years she played the keyboard at services, weddings, and funerals and for some time led their music team and acted in Christian plays and skits.

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