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Dean Skewes

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About The Book


The book follows my 6-year journey to recovery, after a severe car accident we were had in 2013. The multiple broken bones I suffered required numerous surgeries and years of physiotherapy to recover from. The few highs and many emotional lows that accompanied me those years challenged my strength and resilience and often left me nowhere to hide. The six-year period coincided with the worst drought Australia had experienced

in 100 years and due to my incapacity, Marise had to give up her career as a teacher and come home to try and save our farm and world from the ravages of the insidious drought. 

After 6 years I had eventually recovered, and the drought had at last broken, Marie's and my marriage had survived, and somehow we had managed to save our farm and our 1500 sheep. Those 6 years were the toughest I had ever had, but I had learned a lot about myself, and grown into a more tolerant, thoughtful person, a far better version of myself. So join me, in my red car, on the road to a better me.

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At 58, in my wildest dreams, I could not have believed I would be a published author. My dear wife Marise and I run 1500 sheep on our farm at Watson's Creek, in northern New South Wales, Australia, life was simple, yet wonderful. We had 3 beautiful daughters and were surrounded by an unbelievable family and friends. I had been a shearer before a horrific car accident we had in 2013, after which our world was turned upside down. After 6 long years of surgeries and physiotherapy, we are thankfully living our dream again, farming sheep, and enjoying our family.

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