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Dr. Angela Butts Chester is a Pastoral Counselor in private practice in Long Beach, CA.   An author, cancer survivor, and host of Daily Spark with Dr. Angela (radio) and Daily Spark TV, she has built a career spanning more than 20 years and hundreds and thousands of people counseled. Dr. Chester has also served as an Associate Pastor.  She has built a reputation as a thought leader on issues related to motivation and Christian empowerment as an international motivational speaker.

A native Virginian, she is the granddaughter of the late Atty. Williams Davis Butts (the same mentioned in the novel Hidden Figures) practiced civil law in Newport News.  As an Elder, she is the Co-Minister of the Young Adult (18-25) Ministry, as well as, Moderator of the Presbyterian Women (Women's Ministry) at her church.

Dr. Chester currently serves on the advisory boards of the National Interfaith Council and is a member of the International Society for Mental Health, the Global Christian Professional Women’s Association (GCPWA). Dr. Chester holds degrees in Pastoral Counseling (Psychology) and Divinity. 

She is the author of numerous books, including the bestselling Before You Tie the Knot – A Premarital Counseling Workbook for the D.I.Y Couple.  She is the podcast host of Modern Living with Dr. Angela on iHeartRadio, and Hello Monday on Spotify.   She is the host of Daily Spark TV that airs on Preach the Word Network, Roku, Vimeo, and Daily Motion.

Her personal mission - "to enlighten, inspire and empower you” - is the tagline of her national talk-radio show, Daily Spark with Dr Angela which can be heard on WDJY 99.1 FM Weekdays 

9-10 am Eastern Metro Atlanta (Dallas, GA), WTTA 101.2 FM - Weekdays 9-10 am Eastern Metro Cincinnati (Highland Heights, KY), WTRJ 91.7 FM Weekdays 2-3 pm Eastern Jacksonville, Florida, WAYL 91.9 FM- Weekdays 2-3 pm Eastern St. Augustine, Florida, WATY 91.3 FM- Weekdays 2-3 pm Eastern Folkston, Georgia, WPMH 100.1 FM & 1010 AM- Saturdays 8-9 am Eastern Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton/Newport News, Virginia.

The stream can be found on Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn, Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spreaker.


The podcast schedule is every Tuesday and Thursday 7 am PT / 10 am Eastern played through BlogTalkRadio, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcast, Spreaker, Dreezer, Podcast Addict.



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Launched in 2017 this is faith talk radio for everyone to enjoy. Enlighten, inspire, empower! DAILY SPARK is more than just a program, the concept of the show is geared towards empowering everyone’s spirit. The passion of the host is to inspire lives and encourage men and women from all walks of life to take the first step in achieving their God-given purpose.

DAILY SPARK WITH DR. ANGELA started as a Faith Talk Radio Show providing inspirational tips and success stories for Entrepreneurs, Authors, Clergy, and others.  The concept has now grown to be a successful TV show that encourages folks around the world. Found on local television stations, online, and streaming entertainment to your TV devices. 



WTTA 101.2 FM
WPMH Christian Talk Radio
91.7 The Truth
WDJY 99.1


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Service Summary:

  • 30- 45minute Radio Interview (WDJY 99.1 FM, WTTA 101.2 FM, WTRJ 91.7 FM, WAYL 91.9 FM, WATY 91.3 FM,, WPMH 100.1 FM & 1010 AM) with online streaming through Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn, Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spreaker

  • 15-minute Podcast Interview ( BlogTalkRadio, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcast, Spreaker, Dreezer, Podcast Addict) 

  • Online Posting Via Booktrail's FB Page

Listen to Sample:


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Launched in 2018 Daily Spark TV is the sister to radio show Daily Spark with Dr. Angela. Daily Spark TV empowers, inspires, and encourages you to walk in purpose while honoring faith.

Dr. Angela Butts Chester interviews leading experts to guide viewers on the journey through life's phases of success. Each show is comprised of helpful tips and trends in each guest's industry, including education, holistic wellness, behavior, social media, family-work balance, and more.

Daily Spark TV is available on your local channels, online, and internationally.



Service Summary:

  • 30 minute TV interview

  • 7-minute book interview

  • 60-second book pitch for the TV interview

  • Posting to your social media and website

  • Announcement about the interview before the scheduled date.


See Sample



  • 44% of U.S. cellphone owners have ever listened to online radio in a car using a phone.

  • iHeart Radio has over 100 million registered users.

  • states that 40 million people listen to Blogtalk Radio .

  • iTunes Radio accounted for an 8% share with over 20 million users.

Daily Spark TV
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