She is frequently quoted by CNN, The Long Beach Leader, Madame Noire, The Man Registry, The Los Angeles Times and other publications. In addition to holding numerous public speaking engagements throughout the year.


She’s been an award-winning radio host for over 10 years. She has her own TV show, The Daily Spark TV.  Dr. Chester currently serves on the advisory boards of National InterFaith Council and is a member of the International Women’s Leadership Association. She holds a degree in pastoral counseling and divinity from the Trinity Institute.


Dr. Chester’s amazing success is found in her core message: That God has given us a hope, and a future; to live our lives in abundance and love. It is her genuine aspiration that her own life be an example of that belief and that everyone who hears her message be filled with confidence, encouragement, and the knowing that God has a purpose for their lives.


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DAILY SPARK is more than just a program, the concept of the show is geared towards empowering everyone’s spirit. The passion of the host is to inspire lives and encourage men and women from all walks of life to take the first step in achieving their God-given purpose.

DAILY SPARK WITH DR. ANGELA started as a Faith Talk Radio Show providing inspirational tips and success stories for Entrepreneurs, Authors, Clergy, and others.  The concept has now grown to be a successful TV show that encourages folks around the world. Found on local television stations, online, and streaming entertainment to your TV devices. 


Service Summary:

  • 45-minute Radio Interview (99.1 FM Atlanta, GA + Iheart Radio)

  • 15-minute Podcast Interview (iTunes,Tunein, Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Blogtalk, and more)

  • Online Posting Via Iheart Radio’s FB Page

  • Booktrail & Christian Faith Radio Online Publicity

Listen to Sample:


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Daily Spark TV empowers, inspires and encourages you to walk in purpose while honoring faith.

Dr. Angela Butts Chester interviews leading experts to guide viewers on the journey through life's phases of success. Each show is comprised of helpful tips and trends in each guest's industry, including education, holistic wellness, behavior, social media, family-work balance, and more.

Daily Spark TV is available on your local channels, online, and internationally.


Service Summary:

  • 30 minute TV interview

  • 7-minute book interview

  • 60-second book pitch for the TV interview

  • Posting to your social media and website

  • Announcement about the interview before the scheduled date.


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  • 44% of U.S. cellphone owners have ever listened to online radio in a car using a phone.

  • iHeart Radio has over 100 million registered users.

  • states that 40 million people listen to Blogtalk Radio .

  • iTunes Radio accounted for an 8% share with over 20 million users.