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Break the barriers of distance! Since it's invention, television has proven itself to be the marketing tool that gives the widest reach. A first in the publishing industry, BookTrail now offers you that big break you and your book has been waiting for. Simulcasted by a leading TV-broadcasting network straight from the nation's capital, Washington D.C., your television interview would help you define your place in the book market. 

Media interviews are an ideal way to boost visibility and credibility. TV is the most trusted form of advertising and remains most likely to make consumers laugh, move them to tears or trigger emotions. How about pairing it with a digital distribution like Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and Roku? work with BookTrail Agency and reap the benefits.

Daily Spark TV

Dr. Angela’s show is where authors, experts, and professionals can share helpful tips and current trends in the industry from a faith perspective. Daily Spark TV is designed to empower, enlighten and inspire the audience to move into action and follow their dream. This show gives you the avenue to be recognized by our target readers, book buyers and key players in the publishing industry and community of faith.

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