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About The Book

If you own a business with one to 30 employees or are thinking of being in business, you're uncomfortable with money talk, and just want to do what you are passionate about, this book is for you. Profit is critical or you have a hobby. Profit is fundamental or you created a job for yourself and might earn more working for someone else. But, if you are serious about having a business for years to come, you would do yourself a great disservice by not reading this book. The information in this book is unavailable anywhere else. Not in business schools. Not learned on the job. Not passed down from others. It was gleaned from over a half century of working with global corporations. No one company provided all the material. Executives from seventy-two global companies went the distance to help Mike Wolf prove the outcome of Kanketa.

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Since 1965, Mike Wolf served as a speechwriter, trainer, executive coach, and consultant to CEOs and Senior Management of Global Fortune 1,000 enterprises. During his career, he created hundreds of marketing campaigns for U.S. and offshore companies. Mr. Wolf's extensive background across many industries, from manufacturing, to service, retail, trade and non-profits paved the way to KANKETA, "Journey In Balance", a unique, holistic philosophy for operating a small business. Kanketa's proven management methodology is not taught in business schools anywhere. Kanketa helps small business owner achieve personal financial freedom owning their own businesses. Kanketa is commonly referred to as the Science of Small Business Management. Today, the primary focus of Kanketa Global Systems and Kanketa Global Supply Hubs is to develop small businesses with 30 or less employees. The Kanketa system continues to create dramatic results in significantly reduced time frames for small business owners across the globe.

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