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Celeste Newhome began her incredible spiritual journey as a young child when the voice of spirit spoke to her, directly stating she should ?work with others.? In Time/Sand Memoirs: Healing of My Fractured Soul, she offers an engaging account of her life, describing the spiritual journey of a girl, a woman, a seeker, and a seer of knowledge. Her story winds through the passages of an abusive childhood and adult life with extensive health challenges. As she ventures forward, the pathway reveals itself through the countless guidance and love shown by others. She moves into the realm of spirituality and finds definition to who she is by recognizing her psychic gifts and tearing down the wall, block by block, of her old self. Weaving poetry and prose Time/Sand Memoirs: Healing of My Fractured Soul presents a compilation of Newhome?s struggle, abuse, illness, family, marriage, relationships, hope, love, spirituality, and resilience. It shares an unfolding of life in her earliest years and continuing into the present, a journey of a woman who shifts from survivor to a liver of life as the journey unfolds.


About the Author

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Celeste Newhome has a Master's degree in Social Work, is a licensed independent clinical social worker and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor who has had an extensive career as a psychotherapist. She is also certified with prophetic gifts including clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and is an intuitive empath. Newhome is an enthusiastic public speaker creating topics focusing on the path to enlightenment through workshops, songs, poetry, energy healing, and counseling.

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