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Bob Perrill

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About The Book

Son of Light, Son of Darkness . . . is a multi-faceted exploration of life from the perspective of both good and evil; a certain duality of existence that permeated not only the real and imaginary societies we live in but the soul that makes us who we are. Seen through the eyes of Connate Brogan, who has been raised as a sylvan elf with a great affinity for the healing powers of nature and magic, this wondrous journey of discovery, where an uncertain future awaits him in the dark and magical underworld that inextricably calls for his attention. 

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The discovery of Connate's true origin provides the impetus for this adventure, and his father accompanies him as they travel deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of strange and enchanting creatures, places, societies, and dangerous encounters neither may survive. The only certainty about this voyage is that both Connate and his father, Dradamus, will arrive at their respective destinations greatly changed by the experience; life carries no guarantees. Added to this wealth of material is an underlying starkness about real human behaviors, where the psychological reactions of the players in various circumstances call into question our own thoughts and beliefs. These life and death occurrences carry reverberations into the future no one can know, and how Connate faces these are very on point with . . . the reality of our existence. 

Who Are We

About the Author

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Bob Perrill received his BS in biology at Westmar College in 1975. After four years in the Air force, he spent 2 summers at Rocky Mountain National Park. In 1970, he moved to Tucson, Arizona where he continues to live. He worked at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for 15 years as the Assistant Curator of Plants. He was a field biologist for an additional 10 years, surveying for rare and endangered plant and animal species throughout the southwestern US, before joining the University of Arizona. He retired from the Valley Fever Center for Excellence after 18 years at the U of A. He currently volunteers as a naturalist at Saguaro National Park west where he gives talks, leads walks, and works in the visitor center. 

He is a nature photographer, has written several non-fiction articles and has contributed to many scientific publications. He lives with his wife on two acres of Sonoran Desert habitat and has a boojum tree nursery. He has a vivid imagination and has always been interested in fantasy. He has played in and run many roll playing games. He always encouraged the players to be creative, pushing their characters to the limit of their abilities. Flexibility within the adventure and having fun were always the most important aspect of the game.

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