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Anoop Dass

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About The Book

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Humans invariably turn to the divine for guidance in times of trouble. We beseech the Almighty to come and help us when all avenues seem closed. But what if our deepest implorations came true and the Supreme Being materialized to teach us anew the path to morality and peace? Would we really listen? Could we afford not to? Faithfully Yours lets us peer into such a world, shows us the choices that we have and the outcomes of our choices in a tightly interconnected world

The Authors' Son republished this book as a dedication to his devoted parents. "Faithfully Yours" was written and published by Ravi Dass; a former accountant as a tribute to his loving wife. He has since completed the book after his wife who passed away in May 2011. The author joined his wife in April 2015.

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About the Author's Son

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Anoop Dass

I was born in the UK but did my Kindergarton, Schooling and University in India. Came back here in 1999. Have been working ever since, first as a Data Analyst at BT and then in Finance Team in the NHS since 2004.

Faith has a lot of influence on my life. It has lifted me out of a depression. I was a Hindu by religion before, unknown forces at work lead me to the Alpha Course and to King's Church. I ultimately got baptised in April 2017.

I am passionate about justice being done. Treating people with respect and dignity and being friendly and getting along with everyone.

I like to read a range of books. But at the moment reading the Bible and anything related to Jesus Christ and Christianity.

I am a member of a leisure centre. Attend Zumba classes and also the Gymnasium, swimming and play Badminton from time to time. I have a hobby of Coin and Stamp collection.

I love watching Cricket and Tennis. Going to the gym and Zumba classes and evangelising

Have travelled to India, USA, Belgium, Paris, Rome, Scotland, Turkey and Spain.

Would like to visit Jesus's tomb one day though!!

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